Centurion Custom Plan

Welcome to your future! It’s time to DREAM BIG and put a strategic custom marketing plan into action. Success comes when every part of your long-term communication, advertising, customer service and reputation screams ABOVE and BEYOND!

At the Centurion Level, we work directly with you to customize the optimum marketing plan for your business needs. The possibilities are endless!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a custom plan. The base rate for the Centurion Level is $500 per month. This includes all Next Level features PLUS a guaranteed $311 per month in add-ons. Add-ons will be based on your marketing needs as assessed during your first 1-on-1 consultation with our strategic planner. Custom add-ons could incur additional fees. No additional fees will be incurred without your express consent.

All memberships are a 3 month minimum commitment. Terms are month-to-month thereafter, with a 30 day cancellation requirement.